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Active cooling swing press with a heated press head and a water cooled press head, both run with separate press timers for both hot and cold plates.

Due to the nature of bonding with hot melt adhesive, we have found that it can be beneficial for some garments to be final bonded using a heat press machine, after the heating cycle the adhesive is liquid and there is a risk of the join separating.With our Active cooling heat press, the head can be swung round and cooled immediately with the water cooled press, ensuring all adhesive is fully set and there is no movement in the seam.

Heating press      -      Swing round      -      Cooling Press

SSM410 Active cooling swing press

The new twin bed pneumatic vacuum press is designed to be used in a production room to get the most production out of 1 press machine. It allows you to load 1 of the vacuum beds while the other is on its pressing cycle.

When this is finished the pedal is pressed and the head swings over pneumatically to press the already prepared garment on the opposite bed. Each bed has a separate vacuum that can be switched on and off as needed or can be exchanged for a standard solid bed, also supplied.