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As an open flat fabric, this form of Fortitube is designed to be used on a automated sewing system specially developed by Sew Systems Ltd.

This applies the casing and inserts the under wire in a single operation. The system ensures that the wire can only be inserted in the correct channel.

The benefits of this system are a reduction in the labour required for garment manufacture and elimination of the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) for the operatives involved.

There are currently all in one wire casing systems in use but production achievements using the Fortitube method have shown a actual 30% increase of productivity of the wiring operation.

Part No. AT116kK complete

Available in 5mm or 6mm gauge. Left or right hand insert

 The OB1 knife and AT116 system allows the operator to insert the wire whilst automatically attaching the casing to the bra, and cut the tape automatically at the end of each cycle.

The wire casing Fortitube has been specially developed for this system, and has the added benefits of being puncture resistant and is pre shrunk for a machine washable product. The wire is encapsulated in a lining tape, which is stitched in from the side for added security.

All in one Open Fortitube