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New from Stretchline, American bind Fortitube that can be bonded down! product number SF45908/20mm

The addition of a flap along one edge of Original Fortitube allows it to be used to bind the lower edge of the bra cup fabric. This enables the wire casing to be turned inside the garment, rendering it invisible from the front. 

The fabric is sewn into the garment using attachments developed by Sew Systems Ltd in conjunction with Stretchline. These are used on a single-needle sewing set up. Fortitube's superior stability ensures that garments manufactured with this system have clean lines and resist any twisting of the casing

Part No. AT260-complete

The Flap Tube wire casing has been specially developed and has the benefits of being puncture resistant and is pre-shrunk for a machine washable product.

American bind Fortitube