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For cutting and sealing or edge pattern on bra wings and cups and joining seams that are to be opened and taped over for added strength

SSR-015V  Ultrasonic machine new model

Watch ultrasonic



Top and bottom Rollers both mounted vertically

Very High output power unit

lower ultrasonic sound because of higher frequency (35KHz)

Roller can be changed to different patterns and sizes or for cutting.

Special design of roller balance adjustment.

Replace traditional needles and threads, eliminate the problems.

Increase in quality and productivity.

High tech horn & roller treatment process gives tooling a much longer life.

Ideal for cutting two layers to be opened to create flat seams


Lingerie, sport wear, waterproof garments, satin, knitted products,

bedding, window shades, surgical masks, umbrella edge, lace etc

Flat seam outer join practically invisible Inside join over taped on bonding  machine for added strength Top and bottom Rollers both drive vertically  giving a very positive drive and narrow  working area ultrasonic.wmv