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Sew Systems Ltd works very closely with Stretchline Ltd, who are the Manufacturers of the Patented Bra Under wiring tape "FORTITUBE".

Because of this relationship, we have, and continue to, invest many hours of research and development, in order to bring you the four ground breaking products and methods of applications listed above

Sew Systems continues to conduct research into new ideas and product development.

What is the Fortitube system?

Fortitube is a patented wire casing fabric system, developed and manufactured by Stretchline. Fortitube provides a more durable wire casing system for brassieres and swimsuits. The fabrics involved are specifically engineered to improve resistance to puncture by bra under wires. This substantially reduces the incidence of wire loss during wearing or washing of these often expensive garments.

Fortitube is available pre-dyed in any colour and in any quantity required, in specially developed easy to store packaging. The dyeing and finishing processes involved have no adverse effect on the final performance of the wire casing.

To manufacturers, Fortitube offers cost-effective purchasing of specified quantities, reducing stock holding and storage requirements. To the consumer, Fortitube provides increased comfort and greater confidence in the durability and security of the under wire in her bra or swimsuit.

• Repeated machine washing and tumble drying does not adversely effect all versions of Fortitube providing care label instructions are followed.

• In independent tests, Fortitube fabrics were at least three times as strong as competitor products

• Fortitube fabrics mould perfectly to any wire shape, with no puckering. This enhances wearer comfort and the overall appearance of the finished garment.

• Fortitube can be dyed to any colour - the dyeing and finishing processes involved do not affect final fabric performance.

• Fortitube can be dyed to any quantity required and supplied in low volume packaging - reducing manufacturer's stock holding and storage requirements.

• Fortitube is suitable for use in both under wired bras and swimsuits and is available in a choice of three product forms - Original, American and All-in-One.