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NEW  - AT800K Right Hand Knife Film Lay Down Bonding Machine

While designing the all new AT800 series bonding machines, we have designed with efficiency them with cost speed and efficiency in mind.  The machine is perfect for bonding lingerie, sportswear as well as waterproof and outerwear garments.

With running speeds capable of up to 5 meters per minute and multiple temperature zones there is no other machine to compare.
 With up to 10 differential speed adjustments in each program, the machine can bond complex shapes with ease, and has very simple operator controls.

The AT800K applies adhesive film to the edge of a garment and trims the excess fabric level with the adhesive edge. While applying the adhesive film, the machine can be set to pull in the garment edge slightly to achieve a flat final bond with the film.

 Bond widths up to 12mm  

Quick change fittings  

Manual metering device  

Garment Uncurling device  

up to 5 meters a minute   

Simple to use.

Optional electronic metering system

Optional Hot air blower

Optional raised work plate

Please contact us for more information or a quotation at info@sewsystems.co.uk  

Gold Medal winning Quality