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AT750VM Bonding Machine

The AT750VM bonding machine has been specifically designed to bond/hem the edge of lightweight fabrics and bra's, with the use of hot melt adhesives or dot coating.

The machine is controlled by a motor drive system with up to 10 differential speed zones that can be used on one garment, giving the ability to overfeed the top or the bottom to eliminate stretch or create tension at a particular point in a garment.

The machine has a dedicated heating controller, giving the ability to be fitted with up to 6 separate heating zones at any one time. with individually controlled hot air from above and below the garment/adhesive, heated platen and foot and optional pre heating application tubes.

This machine also benefits from being designed with height adjustable drive system, allowing the clear passage of complete bras and cups through the work area and out of the back of the machine.

There is a wide variety of optional guides and extras available for the machine, such as, electronic metering tension device to enable the adhesive/fabric to be applied gathered or flat by the use of 8 separate pre tension zones, create tension or slack feed at a particular point in a garment

All the AT750 series machines can be altered into one of the other models by swapping the end section, this allows companies to adapt there production machines to suit different types of garments, where the demand for one model may be higher because the garment type has changed. This allows you to purchase less machines and ensures all your machines are being used for the maximum time.

Features include

Top hot air heater

Bottom hot air heater

Heated Foot with High Temperature drive belt

Heated Platen with High Temperature drive belt

Two extra heating zones available if required.

10 separate differential zones