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Sew Systems Ltd manufacture machines and associated products for use in the Textile industry.

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Sew Systems are the market leaders in the field of design and development of Textile manufacturing equipment.

 Sew Systems conduct a continual research program to develop new ideas and innovations such as our revolutionary sew free garment bonding, fusing and binding machines.

Sew Systems Ltd has a team of dedicated designers and engineers available for the design an

development of machinery to meet your specific needs.

Sew free Bonding machines

Sew free Bonding accessories

Machine design and building services

Ultrasonic machine development

Continuous Ultrasonic machines

Post Ultrasonic machines

Research design and test services

Electronics and drive systems

Prototype building and testing

Idea investment program

Sewing guides and Folding attachments

Bespoke folding guides

Full show/demonstration room

Come to our centre for bonding excellence and  large showroom facility to see our full range of machines NEW AT800K and AT810 Machines now available